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Backup your MySQL/MariaDB database easily using Percona XtraBackup

Over the years I have looked around for easy to use MySQL database backup tools that I can quickly and reliably automate. I’ve tried many unsatisfactory solutions but finally I have found something I am happy with, Perscona’s XtraBackup.

Unfortunately for Windows users this is a Linux only solution.

Percona is an enterprise focused database company with the aim of delivering their clients faster and more reliable MySQL solutions. Fortunately for the rest of us they also believe in open source and offer a number of free tools suitable for all MySQL and MariaDB users in addition to their own MySQL server platform.

Below is a Markdown formatted cheat sheet that I wrote which enables Linux users to easily back-up their MySQL compatible databases. With simple instructions on how to create, restore and automate backups. While the instructions were written with Ubuntu/Debian in mind they should be useful for all other distributions with the usual adjustments.

Percona XtraDB Software page.
Percona XtraDB downloads (not needed for Ubuntu/Debian users).

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