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Dell XPS M1330 Windows 7 Upgrade Bluetooth Not Working

As mentioned in a couple of my previous posts I have an 18 month old, Dell XPS M1330. The migration from Windows Vista 32bit up to Windows 7 64bit for the most part has been seamless. But for the most part is not perfect and one of the long standing issues has been getting the Bluetooth functionality to work. Unfortunately Dell does not offer official 64bit support for what they now deem a legacy machine and so I had to do some trial and error research.
First off there is a strange Dell bug whereby the Bluetooth function is switched off and is not detectable. This means your Windows 7 will not detect the presence of the Bluetooth hardware, even if the correct drivers have been installed. So if it seems your Bluetooth hardware is invisible yet it shows up in your laptop’s BIOS then you might need to download and apply the Dell BTW Radio ON, A00 patch and fix.

Link to the Dell BTW Radio ON, A00 patch and fix

The M1330 usually came with a Dell Wireless 355 Bluetooth Module (Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR) which has not received any driver updates since October of 2007. I suggest you can instead use drivers designed for a more modern piece of hardware such as the Wireless 370. None of the driver documentation points to legacy support but after a month of constant use. I have found no incompatibilities or bugs using 64bit Wireless 370 drivers on the 355 Bluetooth Module.

Link to the Dell Wireless 370 Windows 7 drivers

16 thoughts on “Dell XPS M1330 Windows 7 Upgrade Bluetooth Not Working

  1. My issue wasn’t that it was not being detected. It just stops working randomly. I get everything up and going with 64bit win7 use the Dell BT mouse, then after a short while of inactive use, almost like a screen saver it turns off and does not come back on till reboot. Bluetooth icon disappears for good. But the light stays on and response when I toggle the switch for wireless on and off.

    Have you heard of this situation? I am planning on installing this patch hope this works for my issue.

  2. (images deleted)

    Guide to installing Bluetooth audio on Dell XPS M1330 on Windows 7

    Here is how I managed to get Bluetooth headset working in high quality with the infamous inbuilt “Dell Truemobile 355 Module with Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR Technology”

    Some users suggest uninstalling previous versions of Broadcom drivers before applying new ones. I did the opposite – and upgraded over earlier ones and noticed every upgrade to bring more Bluetooth drivers available (for example to my Nokia Symbian3 C7 cell phone) that the previous driver package lacked. You can find the driver packages easily in Google. I too located them outside

    Installed from oldest to newest:
    Version and filename (If I remember right the headphone sound was low-quality with this one) (high-quality sound)

    There, last one. Nothing more to be done. Headset sound should work now. But read on just in case. / 7zbv18ww.exe (some new BT drivers) Yet more drivers,
    which did not alter sound quality but updated or added even more Bluetooth drivers.

    Below you see the Bluetooth icon on Taskbar which you can click and turn the Bluetooth adapter on. Mine was already turned on by the driver packages. You can now select Add a Device to start pairing process with your headset. With my Nokia stereo headset I press two buttons for eight seconds to begin pairing. If Windows can’t see your headset if might be that you have paired it in the past and need to reset it with some button combination.

    Here is my Nokia headset now paired. Also Nokia C7-00 cell phone. The yellow triangle indicates some missing driver(s) which I’m probably never gonna need anyway since everything works now.

    Here you see which headset drivers got installed in the process. Less installing, less drivers. Well, I like more of them. I noticed that after installing all the packages some of these are still not upgraded to the latest. To make sure just double-click each one in the list and click Change settings button (paramount!). Select Driver tab and Update Driver and Search automatically for updated driver software. It takes a little while to upgrade all.

    Some driver packages enable Audio tab (and some don’t, for unknown reason) but display Disconnected. I haven’t even tried connecting since headset audio already works without connecting. Funny though.

    I have the latest package now installed and don’t see Audio tab at all, have a look:

    I have found one odd thing which happens when you right-click the speaker icon

    and select Playback devices which opens Sound panel. Here you can set Bluetooth Hands-free Audio as Default playback device. The odd thing here is that my music stops if I click Recording or Sounds tabs.

    For example if music stops – Windows Media Player displays this notification:

    PS. See the vast amount of drivers installed since using all the packages.

    So that’s about it. Now I hopefully don’t have to sacrifice either one of my USB ports for third party Bluetooth dongles.

    Feedback and tips welcome!

  3. These patches did not work for me. BIOS still does not see the bluetooth module, even after I run the “BTW radio ON” patch as an administrator. I am running Windows 7 x64 Professional. When I run the “DELL_WIRELESS-370-BLUETOOTH-_A02-1_R235898.exe” patch as an administrator, I get stuck at the prompt “Activate Bluetooth using wireless switch”. The switches on the side of the computer make no difference, nor does Fn F2. Can anyone help me solve this?

    1. Hi John, the only other advise I can give if it is not working is that maybe there is a Bluetooth hardware failure with your machine or some kind of hardware device conflict? If you need Bluetooth functionality on your laptop it might be easier and quicker to buy a Bluetooth USB adaptor from Amazon or Ebay? They can usually be picked up for $10-15 USD.

  4. really helpful! do you also have workarounds for the video and sound cards? it seems that they are not functioning well when OS was upgraded to windows 7 from vista.

  5. Just a small addition folks please run the bTw on patch as administrator. otherwise it basically fails in win 7.

  6. thanks alooooooooot
    i searched for weeks before i found the solution her which it worked also on widows 7 32 bit
    thank again

  7. Ben,

    Well, thanks for this solution. I’ve been chasing this issue for weeks after my Windows 7 upgrade. I had thought that the problem was the bluetooth mouse driver (Logitech V270). Now I hope that this solution has resolved the issue for good.

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