33 thoughts on “MAME Arcade Game Fun With A Raspberry Pi

  1. Having trouble with getting Advancemenu working. I download it and try to dpkg it and get the following error.

    “dpkg: error processing advancemenu_2.6-1_armhf.deb (–install):
    trying to overwrite ‘/usr/local/doc/advance’, which is also in package advancem ame 1.2-1
    dpkg-deb: error: subprocess paste was killed by signal (Broken pipe)
    Errors were encountered while processing:

    I’ve tried deleting the file in the directory causing the installation to fail, but it didn’t work. Any other suggestions? I’m not a linux guru but I’m a fast learner. I’ll update if I figure anything out.

    P.S. – Awesome guide! Thanks for the effort put into this!

    1. Hi Brandon, thanks & I am really glad you liked the article.

      I can’t really tell off hand what is the problem. But maybe you’re are trying to install advancemenu while not running as a root user which gives you extra file permissions? The article assumes you are using Moebius which has ‘root’ as the default account. If you are not using Moebius try using the sudo before dpkg and see what happens.

      sudo dpkg -i advancemenu_2.6-1_armhf.deb

      Otherwise you may want to post the problem in the PiMame forums. As the author and operator of that project also compiled the advancemenu package you are having issues with. So he will probably have a better answer than I.


  2. I’ve updated the guide to use the most recent release of Moebius. Also added an optional feature on how to install AdvanceMenu and some new troubleshoot ideas.

    1. Both Moebius and Pimame are based on Raspian so they in principle should be very similar in performance. If you were worried about performance, I’d suggest testing the game outside of Advmenu and within and see if there was a difference.

    1. You’re right, fixed and thanks. My first computer had 256kb of RAM so it must have been a subconscious typo 🙂

  3. There are a lot of these guides popping up and things move pretty fast lately… it would be really nice if articles like there were dated with when they were written or last updated. Otherwise, nice little tutorial, thanks!

    1. Hi Sam, it seems to be a design fault with the theme I am using. From the Home Page the article shows the post date under the title header. “Posted by Ben in MAME, Raspberry Pi on November 26, 2012”. But while viewing the article by itself the post date is removed.

  4. Hey, what is the keyboard squence and waiting times for the moebius distro, eg how many times is it required to tap tab before finish etc.

    I ask as I don’t have a HDMI or co-axial tv, infact I dont own a TV and wanted a way of setting up my pi running “headless” first to get things running before I decide what to eventually do with it.
    Best plan so far is to stick it in some empty space inside an old phatscreen television set with a couple of usb extenders going to somewhere easy to reach for roms and controllers, actually I just though of the old hidden panel for display controls that many tvs used to have before they went flat!

    1. Moebius has SSH setup and running out of the box, so if you can discover the Pi’s IP address on your network you should be able to use Putty or SSH to connect to and control the Pi. When I wrote this tutorial I did it over SSH connected to a headless Pi as I needed an easy way of grabbing screen-captures for the blog entry.

  5. Yes I have everything working on 2012-10-28-wheezy-raspbian but when I try and compile avdmenu on Moebius it errors out. I cant remember the error off hand but I’m sure its missing some libs or such. I’m no linux guru and its above my level of knowledge lol. I’d rather use Moebius as I have no need in X for just running mame.


    1. I tried and couldn’t get Moebius to compile Advmame correctly even with the correct dependencies. It stumped at a cryptic error message and a search didn’t return any results under Google. I am going to wait for a packaged binary to turn up that Shea Silverman was looking to eventually release.

    1. Thanks for the heads up. I did not know of Wah!cade but seeing it is based on Python it will probably work fine on the Pi but it needs X.

    2. I got Wah!cade to work today and launch the MAME game Victory, but as expected because Wah!cade needs X, it runs way too slow to be usable on a Pi. But here is how I got it to run if you are interested.

      Boot into Raspian.
      Run LXTerminal

      cd ~
      wget http://www.anti-particle.com/projects/wahcade/wahcade_0.99pre8_all.deb
      wget http://sheasilverman.com/rpi/raspbian/debs/advancemame-raspberrypi_1-1_armhf.deb
      sudo dpkg -i wahcade_0.99pre8_all.deb
      sudo dpkg -i advancemame-raspberrypi_1-1_armhf.deb
      sudo apt-get install -f
      sudo advmame To initialise the app for the first time.
      wahcade To initialise the app for the first time.

      In Wah!cade tab uncheck FullScreen.

      In the Emulation tab.
      change Application to /usr/local/bin/advmame
      change List Generation Method to “Rom Directory”
      change List Generation Rom Directory to /usr/local/share/advance/rom

      Select File > Save

      In LXTerminal
      cd /usr/local/share/advance/rom/
      wget http://mamedev.org/roms/victory/victory.zip -U Firefox

      Play around with the settings.
      See the readme for more information. http://www.anti-particle.com/projects/wahcade/README
      Keys are here. http://www.anti-particle.com/projects/wahcade/KEYS

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