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Customise WordPress on Docker

In this guide, let's go through the process of installing and configuring WordPress on a Docker container using docker-compose. The primary goals are to install a bare-bones install with the ability to customise wp-config.php, php.ini and my.cnf. There is an expectation that you are familiar with Docker, WordPress, PHP and MySQL configuration files. Install WordPress… Continue reading Customise WordPress on Docker

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Fix ufw service not loading after a reboot

I have a Ubuntu 18.04 server running ufw (Uncomplicated Firewall) and Docker. Docker relies on iptables-persistent, which is an interface to a much more powerful and complicated firewall that many people would rather avoid. The problem here is that ufw and iptables-persistent are both ways for creating the same firewall. On my server, only one… Continue reading Fix ufw service not loading after a reboot