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Railo on Linux, CFEXECUTE bug

I stumbled upon this bug today that drove me nuts trying to figure out what was wrong. I was using the Linux FILE program within the Railo <CFEXECUTE /> tag  to extract MIME type data from a large collection of files,  so it could be inserted into a database. The problem was Railo kept on getting stuck in a prolonged loop. After much troubleshooting I realised the affected files all contained spaces within their file names.

A search on the Internet revealed this bug was recently submitted by Andy Carmichael at Essentially I am guessing Railo’s <CFEXECUTINE /> incorrectly converts spaces into newline characters. Combining the bug with the Linux FILE program causes the active CFM application to be caught in a very prolonged process.

Unfortunately until the bug is fixed, the only work around I came to was to scan and skip any file names containing spaces, or to automatically rename them to names with under scores.

Below is the error message when using the Linux VDIR command on a file containing spaces within legal quotes.

vdir: cannot access '/home/A: No such file or directory
vdir: cannot access test: No such file or directory
vdir: cannot access file.text': No such file or directory

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