Ben Garrett

Ben Garrett

Author of this site, web developer and software enthusiast in Sydney, Australia

Wedged between the generations of X and Y. I grew up in an era when geekdom was just on the cusp of emerging from its uncool typecast and ridicule. But where technology was unreliable (sometimes it still is 😉), complicated and not yet cool. Online pompous terminology such as the information superhighway, the world wide web and cyberspace emphasised the future, but subversively kept out everyone except those in the know. It was a time of an institutionalised divide between the geeks and the rest.

Today we have a simpler vocabulary to describe the online experience. Net, web, social are everyday words that reveal mainstream access and show its acceptance. It’s amazing to see the embrace of the change.

Here we are in the post-Information-Age. Most people carry portable pocket computers that are always online and connected to the Internet. Video game and comic-book franchises are as well known as film. The world’s collections of literature, music, film and television are on-demand from anywhere. The traditional gatekeepers of news and entertainment have found their power bases eroded by the democratisation of content creation. Technology products and services are now household names and even verbs.

We are living Beyond 2000, and it is a brilliant time to be alive and online. To able to be a part of and witness the rapid, continuous evolution of change.