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Windows 7 Hard Drive Corruption Issue With Acronis Disk Director Suite 10, Partition Manager

Since Windows 7 beta was released and then later updated to the recent RC1 release I have always encountered a serious hardware problem. Once installed, slowly but surely my Windows 7 partition and any other NTFS partitions associated with the operating system self-corrupt. After some complex searching I discovered there was a link between Windows 7 and well regarded Acronis Partition Manager in the Disk Director Suite.

Creating a partition for use with Windows 7 in Acronis Disk Director Suite 10 is fine. But make sure you do NOT format the partition before installing Windows 7 as it will not be 100% compatible. Instead use your host operating system (Windows Vista/XP) or the Windows 7 installer to format the target partition. Otherwise your Windows 7 install will slowly but surely become unusable with data corruption requiring the need to continuously run Chkdsk. This might also be a problem for other Windows partition managers which have not been updated for this new Windows release.

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