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Windows 7 64bit and Sigma Tel High Definition Audio CODEC Problems

I recently upgraded my work laptop to the latest and greatest edition of Microsoft’s primary operating system Windows 7, 64bit. Seeing this is the first time I am migrating fulltime to a 64bit Windows system I have decided to keep my old 32bit Windows Vista partition on the same laptop using dual partitions. Everything with the installation of Windows 7 has worked flawlessly accept for one major problem has an easy fix.

My Dell XPS M1330 laptop uses an audio device referred to as the Sigma Tel High Definition Audio CODEC. Unfortunately after installing a fresh copy of Windows 7 64 bit no audio could be heard, even though the volume was up at full and all the device drivers reported did not any problems.

If you search the internet for Sigma Te High Definition Audio there is not much in the way of helpful results. Thankfully I found a simple solution; you simply have to manually install the Windows Vista, Sigma Tel HD Audio drivers onto your 64bit Windows 7. It seems the default drivers included in Windows 7 are maybe only 32 bit compatible? Dell thankfully offers set of Windows Vista drivers from their websiteDell thankfully offers a set of Windows Vista drivers from their FTP site that supports both 32bit and 64bit. And while they are dated 13th August 2007 they work fine in Windows 7.

As mentioned in this article’s comments some people have been expiriencing problems with the combination of Skype, Windows 7 and the Sigma Drivers. Skype seem to be aware of the problem but currently do not offer a solution other than to suggest that you make sure Skype and your drivers are up to date.

Why am I experiencing sound/video problems when using Skype with Windows 7? We are aware that not all sound and/or video drivers are compatible with Windows 7 when using Skype.

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34 thoughts on “Windows 7 64bit and Sigma Tel High Definition Audio CODEC Problems

  1. I uninstalled the Sigma Tel driver and installed Microsoft driver (happens automatically, if no driver installed) on my DELL Inspirion 1420. Skype is running well. But I have no sound from my speakers, I have to use the headphones. Hopefully the new version of skype resolves our problem.

    If anybody has his DELL laptop with Windows 7 and Sigma Tel drivers running, please post…

    What driver do the laptops have, which are already sold with Windows 7? Can we use it as well???

  2. hi i have a problem with my dell vostro 1400 audio, i have upgraded it from w vista to windows 7.
    is anyone have thesame problem..please PM me..



  3. I should give up on my case. Everything I tried failed to make Skype work on my Inspiron 1525 Windows 7 32bit. SigmaTel is out of business – no support there; Dell does not support this model on Windows 7 – they do not care; newest Skype BETA does not address this issue – why should they; every driver I tried ended with the same result – can’t recognize webcam and/or sound card. I am so mad because of this stupidity.

  4. Windows 7 64bit and Sigma Tel High Definition Audio CODEC Problems .Thanks for nice post.I added to my twitter.

  5. Hi. The link above doesn´t work anymore. Can anyone tell me how I could get that driver? Can`t find the one from 2007. The only driver (64bit) I can get is form 2008 but that is now working on my Dell XPS M1330 with Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit.

  6. I had the same problem Dell Inspiron 1720 upgraded to Windows 7 32 bit. All audio worked fine except Skype.

    I reloaded the driver from the Dell site at:

    Says it is for Vista, but fixed my Skpye problem in Windows 7

    SIGMATEL STAC 92XX C-Major HD Audio
    Release Date: 6/13/2008
    Version:, A03

  7. Months of waiting and searching for solution how to make Skype work with Sigmatel driver on my Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop running Windows 7 have produced no result. Unless Skype does not fix this in their new version release, I see no other solution. Maybe some of you have found the “workaround”. If so, please post your findings.
    Happy Holidays to all.

  8. I know that another “me too” isn’t helpful, but I have the exact same issue… just upgraded to Windows 7, have the latest Sigmatel driver from the Dell website, the latest version of Skype, and whenever I try to start a video or audio call, Skype will either crash or the audio simply won’t work. I am able to use my bluetooth headset to talk, but if a video call is open (and ONLY when a video call is open) none of the other audio on my computer will work anyway. What’s the deal here?

  9. good on you, that is the solution i found as well. the problem is, these drivers work with all applications i have EXCEPT SKYPE. the skype website does not offer any clues other than saying skype is aware that not all sound devices work with the combination windows 7/skype. has anyone got any suggestions? thanks

    1. Same problem with my Dell Inspiron 1525 running Windows 7 32-bit and using Skype.
      Everything else works except Skype; even using a headset plugged into front Audio and Microphone jack.
      Skype sees no speakers and microphone present on the laptop. One reason might be new feature called Default Communication Device together with Default Device for recording in Sound settings.

      1. I just called DELL for the same question and the tech said he wouldn’t give me any advice on operating systems the computer didnt’ ship with. Vista is old and I upgraded to 7 professional 64. My sound card stopped working and Dell’s drivers for the XPS do not work. I asked the guy if maybe not supporting the system beyond 6 months of purchasing was maybe a problem and he says “Not my problem”.. I have this actually on record and will fire it over to better business. Dell support is legendary aweful. Not Sigmatel nor realtek drivers will make my sound stop crackling. THe best way to solve this problem is to NEVER BUY DELL.

    2. @Ben Garrett,

      Dear Ben Garrett,

      Thanks a lot for your post for the audio driver solution

      it helped me a lot.
      I had also the same problem.
      Thanks a lot again

      Hyderabad, India

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