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ColdFusion ColdBox, Transfer, JRun Error 500 EventHandlerException

I have recently re-programmed one of my sites to use the ColdFusion ColdBox framework combined with Transfer ORM, Object Relational Mapping. While these two tools are tremendous for creating code in, making repetitive and time consuming tasks a breeze. There was a problem. Unfortunately migrating the updated code-base from my testing server onto my production server, which is a shared hosting account with HostMySite has caused all kinds of trouble. So in the next few entries I will cover the cryptic error messages and various problems I encountered, and how I went about fixing them.

My first trouble was a generic JRun 500 handler error. After a bit of troubleshooting this error was triggered when Transfer was created as a ColdFusion object in ColdBox. ColdBox was not the issue though, as the error would prop up even when the code was isolated on its own.

JRun 500 capture
JRun 500 capture

After trawling through the JRun error dump and following the error triggers. I discovered that the errors were not even the fault of Transfer; rather there was a problem with the ColdFusion tag it was instigating.

<cfdbinfo datasource="myDNS" username="myName" password="myPass" name="db" type="version">

It turns out the website’s DNS was using the MySQL 3 JDBC driver, not the ColdFusion MySQL 4/5 driver. This simple slipup caused the quite cryptic and website halting, JRun 500 server error whenever the CFDBINFO tag was used.

This is the problem with shared hosting combined with frameworks and tools. There is a higher possibility of trouble that can arise, which can be very difficult and time consuming to trace back and fix.

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